The problem

  • Information is everywhere.
  • How does a user find the correct information?
  • Minimize calls to the help desk.

The solution

  • Guide the user to the correct answer
  • Add AI to have intelligent search
  • Define approved knowledge bases
  • Stay within your context to keep focus

With all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one

Versions & Features

365-QA Will always be free Can be downloaded directly through the store Limited to fixed search online (support.office.com) Updates included

365-QA Connected Same features as 365-QA + Can be about any area of expertise Custom icons and name Deeper integrations into channels and conversations through additional buttons in Teams Detailed analysis and reports on questions asked or articles not found Integrated feedback loop Default connectors include: Unlimited configurable public websites SharePoint Pages + Lists Office Docs ServiceNow Knowledge base More connectors can be requested on demand

365-QA Private Cloud Same features as 365-QA Connected + Installed inside your Azure Subscription* Data never leaves your tenant Updates are installed with zero-downtime*

*Per installation/update additional fees’s may apply