Frequently Asked Questions

Will updates also be free?

Updates in our free version of 365-QA will always be free, same as the app.

Discounts for students and Non-Profit Organizations?

Students, teachers and non-profits can get a 50% discount. Teachers and students must agree to only use 365-QA for classroom related work. Applying for a discount is easy. There are only two steps. After we have verified your information, the discount will be applied to your account. Contact us for more information

Can we have a specific connector build?

A connector to integrate your own data into 365-QA can easily be set up. Depending on what information from which source this can either be an out of the box configuration or we can specifically build a connector for your. For more information please contact us

Can I have 365-QA installed on my own environment?

If you have specific needs on data governance or residency then we can easily install 365-QA into your own cloud environment. This will ensure that you fully control the update cycle and that data will never leave your environment. To get more information about 365-QA Private Cloud, please email us or use our contact page

Where can I post issues or bugs?

Should you encounter an issue or a bug with 365-QA then don’t hesitate to contact us